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About Tguard:

Thumb sucking can lead to several problems including dental damages and delay in the social development of the children. It can even cause your children to fall ill quite often for they are putting the dirty thumbs into their mouth. There are kids that end up getting bullied due to this habit. If your kid has this habit, then you are probably looking at multiple options to get them off this habit.

When it comes to getting kids off the habit of thumb sucking there are many products including certain intraoral solutions. But those might not actually go well with your kids for they not only smell foul, they also are not exactly comfortable for the kids. You want a solution that will help the kids feel comfortable and yet help them to get out of thumb sucking. This is where Tguard brings in an innovative and yet a comfortable way using their thumb guard.

Offers on Products:

The finger and thumb sucking appliances and accessories are designed to help your child relieve themselves of this bad habit forever. The solutions are guaranteed to produce results within a month and there is 30days money back guarantee for those who are not happy with the appliance or accessories.

As part of this venture, they offer you different products as listed below:

  • Tguard Aerothumb: The kit has been designed with utmost care to ensure that the results are positive and the kids are comfortable while using this product. The Aerothumb is designed to help your kids break off from thumb sucking habit within a span of 4 weeks. It is made of soft medical grade plastic, approved by FDA and is quite soft and flexible too. With more than 95% success rate this product does not use any harmful BPA or phthalate. You can get it in multiple sizes to match with the different age of your children.
  • Tguard Aerofinger: If your kid has the bad habit of sucking their fingers, then this product can prove quite effective with results evident from the very first week. There is absolutely no BPA or harmful phthalate used in the making and it also has more than 95% success rate.
  • Tguard classic: The original design of thumb guard which has been tested time and again and has been proven efficient in getting your kids out of the bad habit of thumb sucking in a month’s time.
  • Tguard finger guard: Similar to the classic this is for the other fingers to help kids break off from finger sucking habit in a span of 30 days.
  • Bracelets: These are bracelets that can be used and thrown after each use. You can either get them in bunches of 30 or 60. The treatment period is 30days for each hand for effective outcome.
  • Instalock: This is to help adjust the finger guard or thumb guard onto your child’s finger and it ensures and adds onto the efficiency of the other Tguard products like finger guard and thumb guard.

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Why should you choose Tguard?

  • The product from Tguard is approved and recommended not just by pediatricians but it is also recommended by orthodontists and dentists alike. The product has been on the top of the line for getting rid of the thumb sucking habit in the kids for nearly two decades now.
  • Unlike the intraoral solutions that can be quite painful and irritating to the kids, Tguard ensures that the habit is ridden off painlessly and fast too. And it has been found quite efficient in getting the kids out of this habit for years now.
  • Produced using the highest quality materials that meets the standards of the FDA, the thumb guard by Tguard has been listed as Safe by FDA. It is soft and quite comfortable for the kids making life easier for the parents as well.
  • The results have been proved and tested by the company and the outcome is guaranteed. Studies indicate that nearly 90% of the kids get out of the thumb sucking habit when using this thumb guard.
  • There are no harmful BPA or phthalates used in the production of the product and hence it offers complete satisfaction to the parents in terms of its safety.

How is Tguard unique?

Tguard comes with the attestation of the FDA and several other dentists, pediatricians and orthodontists in the world. What makes the product even safer is that there is no harmful use of chemicals or BPA or phthalates used in the making of this product making it a 100% safe to use for kids. Additionally it is not uncomfortable or gives off any foul smell like the other options for the same purpose. It is much loved by the kids and the parents alike and it comes with 30 day money back guarantee along with clinically proven results on its efficiency.

How to find the Tguard discount code:

If you are looking for the coupon codes for the Tguard products then all you would need to do is to go to any search engine page and type in terms like “tguard coupon code” or “discount code for Tguard” etc. This will help you to get the discount on your Tguard product without any further ado. When you search on these search engines you will find a lot of results in front of you. You can choose any website and take any deal that you want. What you have to remember is however not to share any personal information like bank account to get these coupon codes.

How to use Tguard promo codes:

When you are buying the Tguard all that you need to do is click on the Buy now option on the official website of Tguard. Choose the product you want and add them to your cart after selecting the size for the child. Once you have added the products to the cart, click on the cart button to view the products that you have added. In this page you will see the option “apply coupon” below the products along with the provision to enter the coupon code. Enter the code and click on the apply coupon button to enjoy the discount.

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