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About Smart frog:

Living in a technology driven world, it will be quite shocking if there isn’t a machine to handle your daily tasks. From the kitchen top to the doorbell, everything is mechanized. More than the larger electrical appliances it is the smaller ones that really form the icing on the cake. And with loads of manufacturers offering creative and small appliances to handle very trivial tasks, it is perhaps not so easy to choose the best. But if you are on the lookout for a good small and creative appliance company, then you might want to check out SmartFrog, from China.

SmartFrog is a company based out of the Guangdong province in China which is into developing innovative new products that will simplify our daily work load. The company has been in existence for more than a decade and has won several awards and accolades for its innovation and use of technology in development of creative small appliances. Here are some of the products that are offered by SmartFrog that will simplify your lives.

Offers on Products:

  • Mosquito Killer: This category has two main products namely the Terminator and the Flytrap. Terminator is made of metal mesh with PET plastic and ABS offering peaceful and an efficient way to catch mosquitoes. The Flytrap on the other hand can easily lure in the insects with the soft blue glow and trap them efficiently into the killing grid. The design of the both products look compact and will not stand out in your place while doing the job effectively.
  • Heating and Cooling: Enabling heat and cold conditions while handling the space efficiency is the objective behind the products in this category. The Phoenix is a portable mini heater with dual fans that work efficiently providing you the warmth on a cold day, while conserving energy. The Cool Engine is another product which will keep you cool even on the hottest day and can be powered through an USB port. Both the products work noiselessly and are designed for individual uses.
  • Personal Humidifiers: Keeping the air around you clean and pure, so that you can focus on your task is not always possible in every environment. The personal humidifiers from SmartFrog are a boon to those who want to have the air cleaned efficiently and noiselessly. Available in multiple elegantly designed models, these humidifiers will help get rid of any unwanted putrid smell in the air ensuring that you stay healthy always. You have six different variations to choose from, each outdoing the other in its design and features.
  • Aroma diffuser: Let your surroundings be filled with the best smell with the aroma diffuser from SmartFrog. It can be used both in your vehicles and in your office or house. Designed aesthetically, it shuts off automatically if the water level is low and the lighting design keeps the volume of spray clear to your eyes. This design is quite new in the market and is deemed to be quite powerful as well.

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Why should you choose SmartFrog?

The day belongs to the one who can work smart rather than working hard. The appliances from SmartFrog are based on this concept of working smarter solutions for trivial and complex problems.

  • The design and the quality of the product are outstanding and there is always a new design in the pipeline offering smart solutions to the next trivial problem in your everyday life.
  • The company has more than a decade of experience in the manufacturing of smart products that are creativity at its best.
  • The design of the products is made to blend into any background and the products are compact sized, serving the purpose of their making efficiently.
  • Every product is handcrafted to ensure that they can help conserve energy while providing seamless performance.
  • The factory has a complete quality control system in place to ensure that the customers only receive tested products.
  • Team of individuals who have the experience of working with leading brands in different industries to offer their expertise at an affordable price.
  • Has won many awards and accolades for innovation in the field of smart appliance manufacturing and is well known for its product development.

How is SmartFrog unique?

It is the customer expectation to see something new and unique in every product, be it in the design or in its features. SmartFrog strives to provide the users with a unique experience in every product they create from its designing to its ability. The company places its priority in providing smart products that are focused on simplifying the daily environment of every user while enhancing their quality of living. The ideas at the SmartFrog team are completely centered on customers and are innovation at its best. Being highly productive, their objective is to identify and align with their customers.

How to find SmartFrog discount code:

Like every other coupon code in the market, you can easily find a SmartFrog coupon code by searching online. There are many websites that offer you the sweet deals to shop on SmartFrog through coupon codes and promo codes. There are also websites that offer you cash back when you shop for the SmartFrog products through their portal. The coupon value will vary based on the deal offered, with some offering a discount in percentage while others might offer you free shipping or other deals. The SmartFrog itself has seasonal and holiday special sales which you can make use of.

How to use SmartFrog coupon code:

For those who are looking to shop at SmartFrog, having a coupon code can truly make the experience worthwhile.  The coupon codes can be used against any purchase of SmartFrog products through any website or portal online. The offer will vary based on the coupon code used. You will sometimes get a flat discount on the purchase or an offer that is valid on a purchase of certain amount and so on. You can also use the coupon code at the time of placing the order with the SmartFrog directly as well. The field for the coupon code is generally provided at the time of checkout of your order.

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