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Ruby Love Coupon Code

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About Ruby Love:

Ruby Love was born out of the care and love which a mother gives to her children. It began from the home of its founder Juli,e who wanted to write down the major milestones of her children along with the little everyday events. It isn’t just about the first words and first steps, it’s also about what the baby broke for the first time, how it felt when the baby refused to eat till something funny was done to draw his/her attention amongst others. She realized that being a mother was like no other job. There were too many responsibilities and emotions to get a grip on properly. But all of these deserve to be put in a place where you can treasure it and that’s what Ruby Love’s baby and school books are here for.

Their products are made of the best quality pages put into uniquely designed covers. Moreover, they also sell a lot of baby accessories which makes this a one-stop-shop for all the new parents who want a place where they can get it all. Here is the kind of products which they sell:

Offers on Product:

  • All Baby Memory Books: Ruby Love has a lot of stylish memory books. You will be able to record little details of the first year of your little gem using these keepsake journals which are uniquely and lovingly designed. For example, there is The Chocolate Leopard Album which is a modern baby memory book designed like a leopard. Here you will be able to record everything from the first time you got to know about the pregnancy to the first birthday. They have different types of colour schemes so you will be able to choose the kind of combo you love. Along with this, they also offer a lot of additions like the first holidays, a sibling’s page, a hand and feet page and way more. Along with leopard print, you will also get covers of arrows silhouette, green and blue bold dot, etc amongst others.
  • Customizable: You will be able to customize the front window of the baby book with the name of your child for just $5 extra. They have around four different types of options available. Along with this, you will also be able to add extra pages to your baby book so that it is customized perfectly for holidays, outings, baptism and such. You can even get a baby-safe inkpad where you will be able to capture the little feet and hands of your small one.
  • School Years Memory Books: After the baby books surely you would love to record more of your kid’s journey and that’s where the school years books come into play. These K-12 memory books are the extension to the school books and it’s perfect for documenting your kids from pre Kindergarten to the 12th. The book has a photo album and journaling spaces as well so that it works no matter if your kids go to a public school, private school or is homeschooled. Along with that, here you will get room to put pictures and take notes. Additionally, there are also pages where your kid can participate as well.
  • Baby Products: You will also find baby products here like the Milestone Block Set, Long Sleeve Super Soft Onesie, Fully Beaded Silicone Teething Necklace, Teeny Tiny Optics Silicone Sunglasses, Gray Deer Long Sleeved and more.

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Why should you choose Ruby Love?

Ruby Love is an online store which sells baby books where you can write about all the special moments of your baby’s life. You will be able to write in these books with your hands since there is something special in handwritten memories. But that’s not the only idea which makes Ruby Love a special store:

  • There was already the idea of baby books or of simply writing about the special moments of your baby’s life. But Julie took this idea one step further and was able to make it detailed and precise.
  • Along with baby books, you will also be able to find school books so that you can keep on chronicling the journey of your child. Moreover, you can even order more pages to extend the baby books by five years as well.
  • You will be able to customize as well your baby book too. You will be able to add more pages to it and that too of different kinds. Like you can put a siblings page, a page to commemorate their best moments and more. Ruby’s Love also allows you to put the name of your child on the cover.
  • You will be able to get free shipping if you purchase for $100.

How Ruby Love is unique?

Ruby Love is a unique little family business for a lot of reasons like:

  • Not sure what to give a new mother? Then you can give them a Baby gift card from Ruby Love. All of your gift cards will be sent by email and they will also have the necessary instructions attached so that the recipient doesn’t face any problems while redeeming it. Along with this, they also don’t take extra processing fees.
  • In spite of being a small family business you will still be able to get your product within a week. So not only is it on par with some big companies but it’s not too late as well since they try to ship the product out within two to four days.

How to Use Ruby Love Coupon Code?

Ruby Love coupon code will let you be able to get a healthy discount. But you should call them up to check if there is indeed a discount being given just to be safe. You can use their discount coupons at the time of making the payment for buying the various baby books they have. You will have to put in the coupon code when it will be asked for at the time of payment. After that, the system will process the code and deduct the required amount from the total amount you have racked up. Remember that they are for one time use as well.

How to find Ruby Love coupon code?

Ruby Love coupon code is available quite easily on their site but if you can’t find it there, then you should try searching on the internet. A simple search of Ruby Love coupon codes should give you various sites which have them available. But you should judge with care the site you want to take the coupons from as some are there to just scam you or put various types of malware on your device.

Rub Love was created with a lot of care and thought for new parents who want to jot down every little detail about their kid’s life. It’s perfect for every parent who wants to hold on to the old memories and create new ones forever.


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