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Taking care of your nails need not give you a tough time anymore. Be it, splitting, weak nails, faking and tearing or peeling of nails, you can let the best of the experts to take care of it for you. Prostrong offers fluoride treatments for nails that can last longer and strengthen your nails in a matter of just four weeks.

Offers on Products:

There are a variety of solutions offered by Prostrong based on the kind of issue you are facing currently.

  • Peeking/ Flaking: If your issue is with flaking and peeking of nails, then you can now get natural protection and longevity without using any kind of base coat or polish. These water based gels are designed in such a way that they strengthen your nails and seals the peeling away portions. You can either use it weekly or as per your requirement.
  • Splitting/ cracking/ breaking: It is often the lack of moisture that causes your nails to split, break and crack. With the formula from Prostrong you can lock in the moisture that is required by your nails and keep is safe. It traps the natural moisture while also protecting it from suffering on further moisture loss for nearly 8 hours.
  • Acrylic damage: If it is imperfection in nails or cracking due to acrylic damage, then you can now take care of it by using the formula from Prostrong. The formula fuses onto the nails naturally and thickens it while also smoothening the surface by filling out on the imperfections and other weak spots. It grows out along with your nail and cannot be washed off with water or soap offering you no reason to worry.
  • Bitten/ abused/ neglected: If your nail has suffered an abuse with lack of maintenance or it has been bitten off then you can use this formula to strengthen, smoothen and thicken it. With a formula that grows out with your nails and not washable through soap or water, your nails get the care and treatment they deserve.
  • Soft/ weak/ thin: Whether you have soft nails that easily breaks off or weaker nails or thinner nails that you want to thicken, you can use the solution offered by Prostrong for the same.
  • Ridged nails: The treatment for ridged nails does not take beyond ten minutes and you will clearly see the results visually in that time. It is not lacquer or polish but a mineral that will ensure a safe treatment of your nails. You can use it once in a week and get thicker and smoother nails.
  • Fungal: If your nails are suffering from fungal infection, then this solution will not just help get rid of the fungus for you but it will also strengthen and protect the nails. It removes the fungus that interferes with the different nail applications like pedicure, manicure, etc.
  • Cuticle/ dryness/ brittle: The brand new treatment helps penetrate the layers of polish to fuse to your nails and offer it protection and thickness that it needs to remain healthy and natural looking.

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Why should you choose Prostrong?

The formulas offered by Prostrong on fluoride nail strengthening are patented to their name and are also proven to be the most concentrated of the kind available in the market. They can easily penetrate even through the nail polish onto your nails and stay there until your nail grows out healthily. It is a well known fact that fluoride strengthens your teeth and in the same manner fluoride will strengthen your nails.

The treatment does not take beyond ten minutes and in a single treatment you will see an increase in the thickness of the nails by nearly 35%. Additionally the treatment helps your nails to look shiny, attractive and natural. You will see a visible difference in a matter of ten minutes when you use this treatment. The treatment works by hydrating your nails and keeping it nourished in order to give you a healthy nail at all times. Most importantly you can use this treatment anywhere and at any time you are comfortable with. The formula is patented and is guaranteed to provide you the strongest of the nails in a matter of 4 weeks time. Every time you apply the fluoride formula the nails become thicker and much stronger.

How Prostrong is unique?

The formula and solutions from the Prostrong are patented and proven clinically effective in providing you with natural looking and healthier nails. There are solutions that will help cure all sorts of nail issues from brittle, dryness, splitting, peeling, flaking, bitten and abused nails. The solution also works wonders on the nails that are suffering from fungal infections and on ridged nails too. The formula is designed to blend naturally with the nails and it can even get though coats of polish or lacquer and grow out with your nail letting the growth be more natural and thick.

How to use these Prostrong coupon code?

To start with identify the solution that is best suited for your nail issues and then go to the product page to find the solution for your problem. Add the items that you need to your shopping cart and then go to the cart page on the online site. On the cart page you will find the input box for providing the coupon code just below the list of items that you have chosen for purchase. Enter the code in the box given and then click on the “Apply” button next to it. You will then find the requisite amount deducted from your bill immediately.

How to find the coupon code for Prostrong?

If your task is to find the coupon code that you can use at the Prostrong online store, then you can do that with ease by simply going to any search engine online. You can use Google or Bing or Yahoo or any other search engine of your choice. On the search bar of the chosen search engine home page type in simple keywords or phrases like “Prostrong coupon code” or “Discount code for Prostrong” or “Prostrong promo code” or other similar terms. Hit on the search tab and you will find there are plenty of websites with different coupon codes waiting for your use.

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