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Perfect Prey Coupon Code

Get latest and updated Perfect Prey Coupon Code, Promo code, deals, offers and discount codes across products like Frozen feeder mice, Frozen rats,Insects and More!!

Perfect Prey:

Are you looking for food for your pet reptiles? Well, then the place to find them in the best quality is to look up the online store of Perfect Prey. The animal sold by the Perfect prey company has been born in the facility and raised up here to ensure that you are only presented with the best of the lot.

Offers on Products:

Frozen feeder mice

It is not easy to feed live prey to pet snakes as it can be quite dangerous since live rodents can also injure the snakes. To give an example if the snake doesn’t coil the right way around the mice, then it could get bitten on its body.These type of injuries can result in infections which can sometime result in fatalities of your pet. This is the reason why experts advise you to use frozen mice for your pet snakes ad you can get them in any quantity you want and in the perfectly packed condition for them to consume with ease.

Frozen rats

You might think that feeding a natural prey which is live will be of more help to your snakes which is where you are wrong. The prey can easily inflict wounds on your pet which can even result in the death of your snake due to infection. It is therefore better to go for frozen rats that are sold here in bulk and lower quantity packages.

In both the above categories, you can choose the type of mice or rat that you want to buy, like fuzzy or pup or weaned or small or medium sizes and also the quantity in which you want to buy.

Day old chicks

If you are looking to add more nutrition to the food of your pet snake, then you should be feeding them with one day old chicks. Most of the wild life rehabilitation centers use frozen chicks which will keep the animals active and healthy. Again you can get them in different quantities and packages as would serve you better.


Under insects you will find three different categories to buy in this online store for your pet.

  1. Crickets which are a perfect meal for many reptiles and amphibians as they are full of nutritional value can be bought in multiple quantities based on the need of the hour. You have the option to choose the size that you want as well.
  2. Mealworms: As these are of the most active variety, your pets will love these in their daily meal and they also provide the animals with a chance to hunt and prey without hurting themselves. You can get them in live medium or live large sizes and in different quantities that you need.
  3. Waxworms: These are soft bodied warms, raised on the farm and are quite easy on digestion for your pets. They are plump and juicy and are also easy to store making it an easy and tasty treat for your amphibians and reptiles. You can get them in different quantities based on what you need.

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Why should you choose Perfect prey?

  • They do not compromise on the nutritional value of the food offered and they are offering you the best of the foods for your pets at the best price possible.
  • The shipping rates are at the best and you have nothing to worry about getting charged exorbitantly on shipping.
  • The rodents that are offered are among the same that is used by the company to feed their own reptile collection which speaks volumes on the quality you can expect.
  • They are the experts and you can consult them on feeder techniques and feeder purchases too.
  • Whether you are choosing to get frozen rats or frozen insects, you can be assured that you will not be disappointed and neither will your rodents be. If your choice is for high quality feeder rodents, then this is the place to be.
  • The rodents offered by the company are vacuum packed to ensure absolute freshness and to keep them fresh for days. Additionally they are also packed to make sure they occupy the optimal storage space in your freezer. This not only helps in extending the life of the freezer but it also helps to eliminate freezer burn on your purchase.

How Perfect Prey is unique?

With more than ten years of experience in the industry, Perfect prey offers you the perfect prey as inferred by the name, irrespective of what kind of amphibian you have as your pet. It is their objective to offer the most nutrition to the animals that you own, through the rodents and insects raised in a healthy farm and in a more naturally viable environment. They are not just of excellent quality but they are priced in the most affordable range too. Their shipping rates are equally admirable and it is now easy to get what your pet wants in the easiest manner possible.

How to use these Perfect prey coupon code?

To start with add the rodents and insects that you want to buy from the Perfect prey online store onto your shopping cart. Once you have done your shopping for the prey that your pet needs, you can then move to the shopping cart where there will be a tab called “Checkout”. Click on the same and you will be taken to the billing page. On the same page you can enter the coupon code or discount code you have for using on this website. Once the coupon is applied you can move onto the payment and place your order.

How to find the coupon code for Perfect prey?

If finding the coupon or a discount code for the Perfect prey online is your objective, then you just have to go to the Google or any other search engine that you often frequent. Simply click on the search bar and type in keywords like “Perfect prey coupon code” or “promo code for Perfect prey” and so on. Once done, click on the search tab or press enter and you will be presented with different websites that offer you these coupon codes at the click of a button. You can then make your choice on what you need based on the coupon code that you choose.

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