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NHA Certification Discount Code & Promo Code

NHA Certification Discount Code

Get latest and updated NHA Certification discount code, Promo code, deals, offers and coupon codes across products like Medical assistant (CCMA), Phlebotomy technician (CPT), Medical Administrative Assistant, EKG technician, Billing and coding specialist and More!!

About NHA Certification:

NHA, short for National Healthcareer Association, helps in the improvement of patient care and welfare. With the ever increasing demand for an improved health care system, there is an increasing need for allied health workers who are certified and qualified. This has enabled the creation of mission for NHA which focuses in the enhancement of health care for patients. The mission is to have a better and a competent workforce manning the health care facilities and NHA achieves this by providing the education and the certification for aspiring health care professionals.

Offers on Products:

The company has been in existence from 1989 and has so far awarded 750000+ certifications to professionals and students in the health care industry. There are multiple certifications offered by NHA and all these certifications are accredited by the NCCA (National Commission for Certifying Agencies) which adds up to a big plus.

  • Medical assistant (CCMA): For those who are looking for a career in administrative and clinical tasks, then this certification will help you progress further. Whether you are in a big hospital or a small clinic, this certification will increase your value as part of the healthcare team in that place.
  • Phlebotomy technician (CPT): Phlebotomists are on high demand both in laboratories and hospitals. And when it comes to hiring phlebotomists, the employers look for a certification to know how skilled you are. With the CPT, your marketability improves considerably and you can find an easy placement in the office.
  • Medical Administrative Assistant (CMAA): Medical office assistant and Medical office secretary are other names by which you are recognized in this role and you will be responsible for the smooth operation of the health care center which makes it imperative for you to get this certification which will improve your knowledge and certify you as well.
  • EKG technician (CET): From stress testing to Holter monitoring and administering EKGs, you could be good at all that needs to be an exceptional EKG technician and this certification will only help you show your skills to the world.
  • Billing and coding specialist (CBCS): For an efficient functioning of the health care center, you need a specialist manning the billing and the coding section and that is why being a specialist can get you a few more points than others.
  • Electronic health records specialist (CEHRS): If you are exemplary in managing data and records, then you can get this certification to let your employers know your knowledge in data handling and management.
  • Patient care Technician (CPCT/A): Looking to make a hands-on difference in patients’ lives, then you would need to be a patient care technician with this certification. With every patient having different needs, doctors offer rely upon patient care technicians to offer the right care to every patient.
  • Pharmacy technician (CPhT): Pharmacists and pharmacy technicians are equally crucial in health care industry and you can be the specialist with this specific certification that will gain you an upper hand.

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Why should you choose NHA certification?

The NHA certification helps in identifying individuals who have the potential and competency to shine in the health care department. As pioneers in the industry they help aspiring individuals with easy to use study materials and tools along with customized support and service to ensure for a better health care for patients in the future. It has been their mission to make a positive impact on the health care industry through guiding individuals, so that they become better health care providers.

They offer services to students, employers, employees and educators alike empowering them with the knowledge to surge ahead in the industry. The company engages actively with the legislative and the regulatory departments to ensure that the certification is recognized, acknowledged and well received across the industry. It is an option for those who want to advance their careers by means of multiple certifications and also who are aspiring to be experts in the field. It offers both career development and skill development path to everyone.

Most importantly the NHA certification is accredited by NCCA which makes it a must have in every health care professional’s resume. The study materials and prep tools are also highly interactive from the students’ perspective and results in a better success rate for the candidates.

How is NHA certification unique?

An accredited certification is always a welcome option in any industry, and more so in the health care for it is a field that literally deals with life and death. For individuals this certification serves as a scale of measurement of their competency while for the organizations, it provides them a workforce which is both knowledgeable and skilled. Both of these result in higher patient satisfaction which means an improved health care in other words. There are also additional credentials that you can add to your name showcasing your skill level and knowledge. The study tools and materials are par excellence and customized customer service adds more value.

How to find the NHA certification coupon code:

Whether you are an existing candidate on NHA or a new one, you can get your certifications and exam materials at a discounted price if you have the right coupon code at hand. All you need to do is to look for these coupon codes online and you can find them in plenty in many different websites. A simple search is all you need to do on any search engine and you will get a whole plethora of results promising you coupon codes that offer different denominations in discounts for this site. Choose any that you find to be good and enjoy getting certified at a discounted rate.

How to use the NHA certification discount code:

The NHA certification offers you the application for the examinations and other study materials at a fair price to its customers. You will have to register with NHA once in order to access these materials and application form. You can simply add these to your cart once logged in and proceed to pay to get them delivered to you. As you proceed to the payment page, you will find that there is a provision to provide the coupon or discount code if you have any. This is where the coupon code needs to be used to avail a discount on the bill.

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