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Luv Box Coupon Code

Get latest and updated Luv Box Coupon Code, Promo code, deals, offers and discount codes across products like Box de roses, Box de Chocolats, Ours En Peluche Geant, A propos de luvbox and More!!

About Luv Box:

When it comes to expressing your love, nothing can do it well like a box of chocolates or a box of roses. Get your favorite collection of roses, in the colors you love and in the freshest of blossoms arranged just for your loved ones at an affordable price at the Luv box. Located in the romantic city of Paris, France, Luv box strives to bring to you a huge array of flowers and chocolates to match with every occasion of love and for all ages too.

Offers on Products:

The products that you can order from Luv box are categorized into the following main categories.

  • Box de roses: As you can very well guess from the name, this is the category of your favorite flower, the flower which is most widely used to express love, the roses. Whether you are looking for a simple array of red roses in a contrasting white box or you want a velvety touch to your box of roses, you can get them and more in this section. Available in the affordable range for everyone, this section brings forth roses in multiple colors like white, red, rose, yellow and other colors to suit every occasion and everyone’s taste.
  • Box de Chocolats: Of course, who wouldn’t love to have chocolates as their gift? Couple them up with the right flowers and you have a winning gift in your hands. Whether it is the collection of your favorite ferrero rochers or a bouquet of other chocolates, you can get them all in beautifully wrapped up packages, shaped in circular or heart shapes, right at this section. The most popular one is a bouquet of chocolates coupled with the freshest and ripest strawberries in a simple heart shaped box or chocolate bouquet coupled with the freshest red roses on one side in heart shaped box.
  • Ours En Peluche Geant: Soft toys definitely make the list of the most romantic gifts in the world and the softest teddy bears are right here for you to choose in this section. These life like and tallest teddies are bound to attract the attention of your loved ones while providing them an enveloping warmth to hug around. There are three different sizes available and you can choose based on what you would want and whatever you buy you are guaranteed not to be disappointed with the choice.
  • A propos de luvbox: If you want to get your luv box delivered to anywhere in Paris, then this option is just for you. Choose what you want, be it a bouquet of roses or chocolates or teddy bears or a combination of these and then have them delivered to any place in Paris through the different options available here. The instructions are quite simple and you can read through them if you are fluent in French.

As far as ordering a box of roses or chocolates for your loved one goes, the Luv box definitely lives up to its name for being the best in the country.

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Why should you choose Luv box?

Expressing your love for another person is a feat in itself and if you want to do it romantically, you definitely cannot say NO to roses and chocolates. Of course, the soft toys definitely add onto the comfort of your proposal. If you are looking to get all three of them at a single place then you need not look further than the Luv Box website which has them neatly arranged for your selection.

Whether you want to get a box of neatly decked simple arrangement of your favorite colored roses or you want a more romantic display with a combination of roses and chocolates, or you want to mix up some life size teddy bear into the gift, you can do that and much more with the options in Luv box.

There is also an option to have your gift delivered to any place in the city of Paris through the multiple delivery options available in the website. You can choose the gift, add them to the cart and simply direct the delivery address to the place you want.

The luv box is known for its reputation for delivering the freshest of the flowers in the best arrangement possible and at the right time.

How is luv box unique?

When you are planning for a surprise event, delivery of the gift definitely makes it worthwhile. What really makes it interesting is that whether it is roses or chocolates or teddy bear you can get them all in a price range that will fit your budget.

Luv box hails from the city of Paris, the place well known for romance and that is another reason why you should look at this place for your romantic gifting options. There are different colored roses, different chocolates and teddy bears in different sized collections and also in different shape arrangements to suit every individual’s taste.

How to find the luv box discount code:

The coupon codes for Luv box are available in plenty and you can find them through a simple search online on any of the search engines you frequently use. Just type in the term “coupon code for Luv box” or “Luv box coupon code” or “promo code Luv box” and you will find plenty of results on your screen in a matter of few seconds. You can choose from the many options, the one that will be more advantageous to you and enjoy the discount that it offers. Be wary of the websites that ask for bank account and other personal information to get the coupon code.

How to use the luv box coupon code:

The coupon code for luv box is quite simple to use, thanks to the easy to use interface on this website. Choose the product that you want to buy and the quantity you want and add it to your shopping cart on the website. On the same page of the shopping cart you will find an option to provide your promo code or your coupon code just below your list of items in the cart. Provide the code in the field there and click on the tab marked OK to have the coupon applied to your final bill amount. The total bill amount will instantly change to your delight.

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